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White Papers zum DataWarehousing:

A Review of the Data Warehousing Literature
Toru Sakaguchi and Mark N. Frolick; Discusses what advantages and disadvantages of data warehousing are most commonly cited in the literature

A Taxonomy of Corporate Data Warehouses

 Aaron Zornes; Distributed by Digital Consulting, Inc.; Discusses different ways of delivering warehouse information

All Roads Lead To The Data Warehouse
 Doug Laney; Distributed by International Data Warehousing Association; Discusses how data warehousing complements other types of system initiatives
An Introduction to Data Warehousing
 Vivek Gupta; Distributed by System Services Corporation; Sets the context for data warehousing by discussing such topics as how data warehousing and transaction processing differ and why the level of interest in data warehousing has risen
Data Modeling Techniques for Data Warehousing
 Chuck Ballard, Dick Herreman, Don Schau, Rhonda Bell, Eunsaeng Kim, Ann Valncic; Distributed by IBM; Is well described by the title


Data Warehouse Technology
 Ken Orr; Distributed by the Ken Orr Institute; Discusses several approaches to building a data warehouse


Data Warehouses, Ad Hoc Query Tools and Other Ways to Destroy Your Company
 Paul Dorsey; Distributed by Dulcian, Inc.; Contains some perspectives on why data warehouses fail


Data Warehouses and Data Marts: A Dynamic View
 Joseph M. Firestone; Distributed by Allen Davis & Associates; Discusses how changing user requirements affect typical data warehouse/data mart architectures


Data Warehousing - An Executive's Perspective
Distributed by Dataspace; Summarizes the business rationale for a data warehouse


Data Warehousing in Telephone Networks 1998-2003
Distributed by The Insight Research Corporation; Is well described by the title (for purchase)


Data Warehousing Puts New Life into Legacy Data
 Kathy L.Fisher; Is an example of a warehousing project justification document

Decision Support Planning & Analysis: The Problems of Getting Large-Scale DSS Started
 C. Lawrence Meador, Martin J. Guyote, and William T. Rosenfeld; Distributed by Management Support Technology; Discusses an approach to designing and implementing decision support systems


Decision Support Viewpoint: An Enterprise-Wide Data Delivery Architecture
Distributed by MicroStrategy Incorporated; Discusses using relational database technology for analytical applications


Designing the Perfect Data Warehouse
 Frank McGuff; Discusses business, construction, and physical processing considerations relating to modeling


Do data warehouses challenge fair play?
 H. Jefferson Smith; Distributed by IBM; Discusses the ethics of using information stored in data warehouses


Enterprise Information Portal Requirements / The Enterprise Information Portal Marketplace
Distributed by Database Associates; Discusses a concept for distributing/sharing information


Enterprise Information Portals and Enterprise Knowledge Portals
Joseph M. Firestone; Distributed by Executive Information Systems, Inc.; Discusses a concept for distributing/sharing information


Enterprise Portals: The Killer Application for the Web User Interface
Peter Burris and Mike Gotta; Distributed by META Group; Is an audio discussion of the issues in the development and implementation of this type of technology

Executive Information Systems
 Floyd Kelly; Discusses what factors contribute to the success of an EIS

How Valid is Data Warehousing?
 Martin Butler; Discusses why data warehousing may not be appropriate for certain types of businesses


Information: Its architecture and management - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
 Martyn Jones; Distributed by International Data Warehousing Association; Discusses what data warehousing can and cannot do for an organization


Metadata for Data Warehouse
 Satya Sachdeva; Distributed by Sybase; Discusses who uses what metadata


1999 Data Warehouse Marketing Trends/Opportunities
Distributed by META Group; Is a survey of data warehousing practitioner practices (for purchase)


OLAP and OLAP Server Definitions
 the OLAP Council; Explains some definitions used by OLAP tools


OLAP applications
 Nigel Pendse; Describes the business problems OLAP technology is used to attack


OLAP Council White Paper
Sarah Forsman; Distributed by the OLAP Council;  Provides a good definition of OLAP


OLAP Software Selection Guide
 Steve Elkins; Distributed by Elkins Analytics; Categorizes and describes features to consider when evaluating OLAP technology


Providing OLAP to User Analysts: An IT Mandate
 E.F. Codd Associates; Distributed by Hyperion; Explains what are the characteristics of OLAP tools


Putting Data Mining In Its Place
 Dorian Pyle; Distributed by Miller-Freeman; Discusses the relationship between data mining and statistics


Road Work Ahead: Organizational Dynamics and Developing Data Warehouses
 Michele McFadden and Robert Mullen; Distributed by EDUCAUSE; Is a case study that illustrates typical organizational problems that occur in data warehousing projects


Roles and Responsibilities of Data Warehousing Professionals
Distributed by The Data Warehousing Institute; Defines organizational roles and responsibilities required to implement a maintain a data warehousing system (for purchase)


Rolling Out the Data Warehouse One Desk at a Time
Jill Dyche: Distributed by Baseline Consulting; Discusses how a warehouse development team encouraged end user use and ownership; Also discusses advantages and disadvantages of direct end user access


Serving the Enterprise: Databases, Data Warehousing, and Application Development Tools
Distributed by Dataquest; Is a market survey (for purchase)

Star Schema 101
 Neil Raden; Distributed by Archer Decision Sciences; Provides a tutorial on star schemas


Stars: A Pattern Language for Query Optimized Schema
 Stephen Peterson; Distributed by Sequent Computer Systems; Explains star schemas used in many data warehouse designs


Successful Data Warehouses: Lessons from the Front Line
 Gloria Lee; Distributed by Discovery Solutions; Is an in-depth survey of beliefs and practices of a variety of non-vendor and non-consultant organizations that have implemented data warehouses (for purchase)


TeCHallenge Selection Criteria
Distributed by The Data Warehousing Institute; Lists selection criteria for various technologies used in data warehousing


Technology and Policy in Decision Support Systems
 Marc Demarest; Distributed by DP Applications, Inc. Discusses whether data warehousing really is used to support decision making in commercial organizations


Ten Mistakes To Avoid
Distributed by The Data Warehousing Institute; Is another listing of problems to avoid in data warehousing implementation


The Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Glossary , Data Warehouse Glossary
Distributed, respectively, by SDG Computing and Computers By Design; Are two of the better data warehousing glossaries available online


The Case for Relational OLAP
Distributed by MicroStrategy; Compares multidimensional and relational technology for OLAP use


The Data Warehouse Lifecycle
 Dwight W. Seely; Distributed by Corporate Information Designs; Is an outline of steps involved in the designing and building of a data warehouse


The Data Warehouse: 2 Years Later Lessons Learned
 John D. Porter and John J. Rome.; Is a great description of what was learned in a warehousing system implementation


The Foundations of Wisdom: A Study of the Financial Impact of Data Warehousing
Written and distributed by International Data Corporation (416) 369-0033; Is a study that calculates and describes the return on investment achieved by 62 North American and European organizations that implemented data warehouses (for purchase)


The Meta Myth
 The Standish Group; Is a collection of observations regarding data warehousing implementation and support issues gathered from a survey of 60 data warehousing implementation


The Politics of Data Warehousing
 Marc Demarest; Provides insight on this underdiscussed topic


The Real-Time Data Warehouse The Next Stage in Data Warehouse Evolution, Part 1 , A Brief History of Decision Support Systems , The origin of today's OLAP products
 Michael Haisten, Daniel J. Power, Nigel Pendse (respectively); Provide some background on the history of data warehousing


The Ultimate Strategic BI/DW Decision Guide
 Bruce Love and Michael P. Burwen; Is a market analysis (for purchase)


The why of data standards - Do you really know your data?
 K. I. Gordon; Discusses data problems encountered in warehousing projects


The Worldwide Market for Data Warehousing Tools, The Western European Data Warehouse Market, etc.
Distributed by IDC; Search this site for "data warehousing" to learn about several analyses of the data warehousing market (for purchase)


Top Performers - TPC-D Version 1
Distributed by IDEAS International; Contains TPC-D benchmarks for certain server/database combinations


Understanding Data Warehousing Strategically
 Bernard Boar; Distributed by NCR; Explains the role of data warehousing in overall business strategy


Unternehmererfolg - Ertragssteigerung mit Data Warehouse
Distributed by IMACO Research GmbH; Is an analysis of the market (for purchase)


U.S. Data Warehouse Software Applications and Tools Market
Distributed by Frost & Sullivan; Is a market survey (for purchase)


What is a Data Mart?
 W.H. Inmon; Distributed by D2K; Contrasts the role of a data mart with the role of a data warehouse


What is a Data Warehouse
 W.H. Inmon; Distributed by Prism Solutions, Inc.; Contains the classic definition of a data warehouse


What is OLAP?
 Nigel Pendse; Is yet another fine definition of this topic


Why Data Warehouse Projects Fail
 Bob Seibold; Is well described by the title


Winter Survey of Very Large Databases
 Richard Winter; Is well described by the title


Winter VLDB Survey Program Industry Report
 Richard Winter; Is a market survey (for purchase)

With all modesty, another source of white papers is my own:



White Papers zum DataMining

Data Mining An Introduction
 Ruth Dilly; Is a series on essays introducing a variety of data mining and warehousing topics
From Data Mining to Database Marketing
 Kurt Thearling; Speculates on the future of data mining


White Papers zum DataExtracting:

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Migration Tools
 R. Orli, F. Santos; Distributed by Kismet Analytic Corp; Classifies and briefly evaluates some of these tools